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The main difference between Live and Demo Rules will be on low-volume coins that have less liquidity. In those cases were the ‚Top 1‘ execution price might not be available, prices could be less accurate. Including an additional condition for volume or market cap could help reduce the differences between paper trading and real trading. The Demo exchange provides a virtual starting allocation to help you test out your strategies. Your rules will run in paper trading on Binance, properly mirroring actual trades.

You may want to use USDT as the quote currency of a rule, but you don’t own any coins yet. With a Direct order, you can buy the exact amount of USDT to run your strategy. Right after launching the order to the market (or simulated, if Demo Exchange is selected), you will find the new coins in your balance so that you can create a new rule. In that case, you may want to select a wallet that allows as many opportunities as possible for your strategy. Fiat currencies, stable coins, or BTC are good options but always double-check on the exchange of what trading pairs are available.

  • It will also then sell the same coin once it has increased by 5% to take profit, while the stop loss feature will also trigger a sale in the event that the price drops by 3%.
  • When you create your own rule you always start with the coin you want to include, for example, the best-performing coin or the worst performing coin of the day.
  • When understood, bear markets provide the perfect opportunity to profit from selling and buying back lower – also known as short-selling.
  • Instead, a realised profit or loss refers to complete trades where the coins have been sold.

The dashboard is clean, with a clear layout that allows easy navigation and quick access to essential features. It’s important to note that what’s excluded here is any trading fees on the exchange itself. You’ll pay a separate fee, depending on the exchange, to execute the trade. What you’re paying Immediate BitXDR for is the software to execute the trade, not trading fees themselves. This is a small sample of what’s available, and while the trading strategies do get complex, the software doesn’t.

With our demo exchange, you can simulate real trading conditions to test your strategies. 485,500 coins were minted with the Northern Ireland design and a circulated coin in good condition has recently (February 2024) sold for 79 pounds on eBay. With a limit order you can set up a maximum (or minimum) price you are willing to get executed when buying (or selling). You buy 1 ETH at $500.​After one day, the current market price is $600, and you sell at that price and realise this gain. Please note that using Limit orders makes sure you don’t have an unexpected execution price, nevertheless, it doesn’t guarantee that the order will be filled. That will depend on the market conditions that need to match the limit price imposed.

The Relative-Strength Index (RSI) is a technical indicator that measures the magnitude of a coin’s price moves. Lower values, on the contrary, signal that the price is dropping. Immediate BitXDR has an active telegram page for its community of traders/investors.

Users can create customized trading rules based on their individual strategies. Whether it’s a simple buy-sell rule or a more complex strategy involving multiple indicators, offers the flexibility needed. The platform includes risk management features that allow users to set stop-loss, take-profit, and other conditional orders.

Traders can now conveniently choose their desired leverage level, ranging from 1x to 100x, when trading on Binance Futures. The classic strategy with RSI is to buy the coin when RSI is low and sell it after the RSI rises. The best strategy to catch all the price swings on your favorite coin. You have correctly created your API Key, Secret Key and the Passphrase. Copy and paste them in your Immediate BitXDR account in the “Exchange” section.

Immediate BitXDR

Let’s start by underlining that you can use some coins to trade directly other assets. For example, most of the coins on each exchange are traded vs Bitcoin or other stable coins. That means that you can buy Litecoin, for instance, with your BTC wallet on Binance, or with USDC on Coinbase Pro.

The easiest AI Automation on the market has landed in Stock Trading land. Ever since its inception, Immediate BitXDR has been simplifying trading and giving more power to retail investors. Today, Immediate BitXDR is expanding to traditional markets, NASDAQ and NYSE, thanks to the inclusion of Alpaca, a renowned US-based stock broker partner.

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